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eyes of Dream tree COBAKE Blue COBAKE Pink COBAKE Yellow COBAKE Green COBAKE Orange COBAKE Mustache Dream tree COBAKEpurple branch of Dream tree
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  • image:COBAKE Blue

    COBAKE Blue

    Active, curious and adventure loving boy vigorously seeking for fun.
  • image:COBAKE Pink

    COBAKE Pink

    Fashion loving girl, gentle and kind, fond of baby-sitting small children.
  • image:COBAKE Yellow

    COBAKE Yellow

    The smallest of the COBAKE 7 and the naughtiest. Hates vegetables.
  • image:COBAKE Green

    COBAKE Green

    Loves cookies. Naughty boy always laughing with big mouth widely open.
  • image:COBAKE Purple

    COBAKE Purple

    Clever boy fond of picture books. He is shy and of a bit cowardly character. Treasures a crown given to him from dad.
  • image:COBAKE Orange

    COBAKE Orange

    A bit cheeky boy but very thoughtful of his friends. To tell the truth he is afraid of insects.
  • image:COBAKE Mustache

    COBAKE Mustache

    A boy with an awesome mustache. Always reserved and reliable. Good at drawing.