Let's play and learn
with the seven OBAKE kids (Little Ghosts), "COBAKE 7"

eyes of Dream tree COBAKE Blue COBAKE Pink COBAKE Yellow COBAKE Green COBAKE Orange COBAKE Mustache Dream tree COBAKEpurple branch of Dream tree
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COBAKE 7's applications are educational games for infants.
A simple operation good for children above 1 year old. Enjoy the game with your kids.

    Screen shot:COBAKE PUZZLE


    Let's play with the COBAKE 7 using colorful blocks!

    COBAKE PUZZLE is a shape matching intellectual training application for infants.
    By moving the blocks with the fingers to overlap the same shape, the Cobakes will begin to show up.
    Find all the COBAKEs. They will all congratulate you for the success.

    March 2022
    Scheduled to be renewed!

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We support all the moms of the world.
Thanks for your everyday care! Ok Mama Ok!

  • image:COBAKE Blue

    COBAKE Blue

    Active, curious and adventure loving boy vigorously seeking for fun.
  • image:COBAKE Pink

    COBAKE Pink

    Fashion loving girl, gentle and kind, fond of baby-sitting small children.
  • image:COBAKE Yellow

    COBAKE Yellow

    The smallest of the COBAKE 7 and the naughtiest. Hates vegetables.
  • image:COBAKE Green

    COBAKE Green

    Loves cookies. Naughty boy always laughing with big mouth widely open.
  • image:COBAKE Purple

    COBAKE Purple

    Clever boy fond of picture books. He is shy and of a bit cowardly character. Treasures a crown given to him from dad.
  • image:COBAKE Orange

    COBAKE Orange

    A bit cheeky boy but very thoughtful of his friends. To tell the truth he is afraid of insects.
  • image:COBAKE Mustache

    COBAKE Mustache

    A boy with an awesome mustache. Always reserved and reliable. Good at drawing.
Character design by MBeN


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COBAKE 7's intellectual training Games for infants
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CEO Atsushi Nagai
FOUNDATION DATE January 21, 2022